Banana waffles

I made waffles for breakfast this morning (well, there’s only one in the house now, so it’s looking like lunch as well). It’s a simple thing, here’s the recipe, transcribed from my late wife’s hand. Dry ingredients 2 cups flour 3 tsp baking powder Liquid mix 1 1/2 cups milk 3 tbsp shortening (or oil) 2 tbsp sugar 3/4 tsp salt Slush mashed banana Sift flour, measure and resift twice with the other dry ingredients.

Sandwich loaf

If you once “go on your travels,” it’s likely that some habitual comfort foods won’t be available in the place where you land. For me, one of those items1 is sourdough bread. Several years ago, I worked up a recipe based on one published by FoodGeek. Mieko was not a fan. She wasn’t fond of tart flavors, but she was tolerant because of my love of them. No, the sticking point with the recipe was the time it required.