My name is Frank Bennett, and I live in Nisshin, a suburb of Nagoya in Japan. I joined the faculty of the Law Department, Nagoya University in 1998, retiring at the end of March 2023. Mieko, my wife of thirty-eight years, passed away in the first week of April 2023. We had a good run, we did our best, life can be cruel, I miss her terribly, and I now live alone.

I built the Jurism reference manager, essentially a version of Zotero extended to handle legal and multilingual materials, and I’m responsible for maintaining it. Further information about that stuff is available on the Jurism project website.

Apart from pottering around in code, I do some bicycle touring here in Japan, and news and views from those excursions tend to find their way here. Recipes and cooking adventures may turn up here as well.

In Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture
20 January 2024